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Cabinet Hardware Installation

It doesn’t matter if you have the new kitchen or the old one you definitely have time to give it a new look. Especially you can make it in an inexpensive way. We recommend installing handles/knobs/pulls all over your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. First of all it will save your cabinets from any sharp edges or tight spots and fingerprints.

Second of all handles will help to spread out the force needed to pull drawers.

Another question is what to choose: knobs pulls or handles. Our recommendation is to use handles for drawers as you probably have some heavy stuff in it so handles are definitely your choice for it. For kitchen doors, you can choose anything you like and turn on your imagination.

kitchen cabinet's hardware

Kitchen hardware installation

For kitchen hardware installation we recommend calling professionals who know how to do it and have a lot of experience. It will save you a lot of time and nerves (I’m saying it because I saw it a lot of times while redoing someone’s mistakes. How much to install kitchen hardware? If you are located in the Austin area give Alex the Handyman a call and we will provide you the quote.

If you live in different states it varies from $200-$8000. It’s all depends on quantity and complexity. You think it’s easy but it might be very tricky with measuring, leveling, drilling, and installing. Sometimes it requires cabinet doors leveling. Because you aren’t able to install handles right while your cabinets and doors are crooked.

Kitchen cabinet hardware

But of course, you can try to do it yourself.

What do you need for installing kitchen cabinet hardware?

What tools are required for kitchen hardware installation?

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Template
  3. Pen/marker
  4. Blue tape if needed due to the cabinet’s color
  5. Drill bit usually it is 3/16 inch
  6. Hardware (screws usually comes with it)
  7. Screwdriver

How to install kitchen cabinet hardware (handles, knobs)

First what you need to do is to put your gloves on. So you won’t leave any fingerprints and dirt.

Take your template and find needed holes for handles ( distance, height).

Mark the template with blue tape so you won’t miss the right one. Mark holes on the cabinets with a pen.

Don’t drill it through the template!

Now take your drill and make 2 holes in your cabinet. (Or one hole if you using knobs)While drilling the holes doors and drawers must be open.

Insert each screw in each hole and handles from another one. And now you know what do!

Another tricky job with drawers:

First thing first we take a measuring tape and looking for the center and mark it with the tape.

Then we take a different template and looking the best spot for your handles. In the middle or anywhere you like it.

Mark it with a pen.

Drill 2 holes

Install a handle.

Important! Before any drilling check everything again. As my grandpa said “measure 7 times and cut 1 time”

I hope this article will help you to make a decision and save you money!

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