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TV Mounting

We know how it’s tricky to mount a TV yourself. A lot of tools needed, not sure it won’t hit wires, TV is heavy, etc… 


We provide high-quality service. We make sure our job is done perfectly before leaving and our client is happy and satisfied! If you don’t have time to buy a tv wall mount we can provide it for you! We get the exact TV wall mount you need for your TV. We provide a lifetime warranty and guarantee on the job and our mount.

So let’s find out more about tv wall mount. To schedule an appointment at 512-736-8585

How to choose the right wall mount for your tv?

First of all, you need to find out the dimensions of your tv (size, weight).

Second of all do you want to have it full motion or tilting? There are a lot of mounts in stores right now so you need to be cautious while choosing it.

Third of all are you putting it inside or outside? Drywall or brick? (Because there’s special hardware for each type)

Keeping with these questions you will do your right decision.

We recommend calling professionals who have a lot of experience in this like us. It will save your time and nerves 🙂

But of course, it can be DIY project.

What tools are required for mounting tv on the drywall/brick?

  1. Power Drill.
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Stud finder.
  4. Level.
  5. Measuring tape.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Wall mount itself.

How to mount the TV on the wall?

  1. Decide where do you want to have your tv on the wall(height, distance). Check tv on the back where it has holes for brackets it will help you to make a decision.
  2. Every wall mount has a paper template so you don’t need to hold a heavy TV mount (if someone doesn’t help you) while searching for studs.
  3. Now take your stud finder and search for studs while holding the template with another hand.
  4. Mark studs with a pen.
  5. Check your marks with the stud finder again!
  6. Pre-drill holes with your drill.
  7. Take a bracket and needed screws and secure them with your screwdriver
  8. Check if it’s stable and it’s not moving.
  9. Then follow the steps due to your instruction.
  10. Mount the holding bracket on the back of the TV.  Use your hand screwdriver. Make sure it’s secured. And not wiggling.
  11. Then 2 people take tv from both sides and put it on a bracket on the wall
  12. Sometimes you need to use a locking screw on the full motion and 2 securing screws on the top of brackets. Check your instruction.

Important: the most important part is to find studs and make sure you screwed in there. And all brackets are secured!

We recommend calling experienced specialists who will do a professional job.

How much to mount a TV on the wall?

In Austin, you can spend from $50-$300 on average. Price varies because of TV size and difficulty of mounting. We hope you will find your specialist!


Call or text The Handyman Alex for setting up an appointment at 512-736-8585!


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