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Water Damage Restoration

We know it happens a lot when water is not your best friend and can ruin everything in your house: it can damage the drywall (walls and ceiling), your beautiful wood flooring, carpet, furniture, etc and if it won’t be treated right away the mold will start growing and then it will be more issues to fix and moreover it will take more time.

Most common questions from homeowners:

What should I do first when I notice the leak? – First thing first call a professional who can come over and determine where is the leaking comning from! If you know how to stop the leak do it right away if it’s something simple and you are comfortable with it. Try to wipe the water as fast as you can and put the fans to help it to dry. It will work in that case if you forgot to turn off the faucet. BUT if you had a massive leak or for instance leak in bathroom which can take months and years then you definitely need to call The Handyman Alex&Construction.

We will determine what water moisture level you have and on what stage it is.

We carry commercial dehumidifiers which can help to reduce moisture level at your property. 

Give The Handyman Alex&Construction call or text if you have faced any of these issues and we will take care of it for you!

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